A mobile operating system is a system that is specifically made to operate the handheld devices. These include the mobile phones (both ordinary feature phones as well as smart phones), PDAs, tablets, laptop and other handheld devices.

According to authentic sources and ratings made with the help of data analysis the mobile operating system are in the hands of few operating systems. This means that only a few mobile operating systems control the entire spectrum of OS activities. It has also been seen that among the top best OS (Operating Systems) the iOS and Android rules over the rest as the most widely used operating system in the world and has since been increasing the number of customers and devices into its fold consistently.

Mobile Systems similar to Computer Systems

What you often find in computer systems the same concept has been made into the mobile system. In fact, you perhaps know of Linux or Windows which is essentially is a software platform built on powerful algorithms that offers space to other programs to run on it. Similar is the case with mobile operating system that pre-determines the features and functions on your devices such that you often find both proprietary as well as open systems.

In other words, the mobile OS will determine as to which third party applications could be permitted to be used on your mobile device. This allows for even quite complex application software including manufacturing software, accounting programs, and other complicated process software.

You will find that the most popular OS are the Android and the iOS systems. The Android is a Google’s open system and is applicable to most devices across the world today. The OS has been developed with dessert like names such as Cupcakes, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Éclairs and Ice-cream Sandwiches.

The iOS on the other hand is particularly made to operate in all the several Apple devices and this includes the iPhone, iPad, Pod Touch, iPad 2 and others. This means other devices or competing platforms are not permitted to run their software on these devices.

Other OS Platforms

You have Samsung Electronics Bada which is a good proprietary platform, but it too operates for all the Samsung mobile devices only. This means that the platform would not divulge specifications to other software. It has some great features like multi-point touch, 3D graphics and other installations and downloads.

The BlackBerry OS is yet another proprietary OS platform that caters to all BlackBerry mobile devices. This OS has been a hot favorite for corporate users and is synchronized with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Novell Group Wise. For business people this is one of the most satisfying platforms.

You may also find the joint open source OS which is product of merger between Nokia and Intel. It is commonly known as MeeGo OS. It is an open source technology and can be seen on several devices.

The other important OS is the Palm OS which is proprietary and caters to all Palm devices. A little far from the usual is the Symbian OS from Nokia that cater to users that require high-end communication level and personal information functionality.

There are also others, but above are the world’s most trending.